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Against The Grain Journal

Charleston Library Conference 

Feb 26, 2018

Each year, ATG is pleased to release a series of video interviews titled “Views from the Penthouse Suite.” These interviews occur at the Charleston Library Conference, and it has become something that we look forward to every year. Select speakers and attendees are invited to the Penthouse Suite on the 12th floor of the Francis Marion Hotel in historic downtown Charleston, SC, to discuss wide-ranging topics and issues of importance to the publishing and library world. Videos of these interviews are available on the Charleston Conference YouTube channel and on the Conference website video page.

Today, for episode 49, we’re featuring the audio from the interview at the 2017 Charleston Conference with Maggie Farrell, Dean of Libraries, University Nevada, Las Vegas. Our hosts are Tom Gilson, Associate Editor of Against the Grain, and Albert Joy, Library Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Vermont. Also, a special thanks to Jared Seay, our video engineer!

Maggie Farrell is the Dean of Libraries at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas leading the library system serving over 30,000 students in a diverse and energetic community. Previously, Maggie was the Dean of Libraries at Clemson University and the University of Wyoming. Maggie also has served as Associate Dean of Libraries at Montana State University; Consultant for the US Government Printing Office; Head of Government Publications at UNLV; USIA/ALA Fellow at Dalhousie University, Canada; and Documents Librarian at Arizona State University. Maggie earned Master’s degrees in public administration from Arizona State University and library science from the University of Arizona and a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies from the University of Missouri, Kansas City. This varied experience contributes to Maggie’s interest in library leadership and management, including authoring the "Leadership Reflections" column in the Journal of Library Administration as well as other presentations and writings.