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Against The Grain Journal

Charleston Library Conference 

Sep 19, 2022

Join us for our latest podcast episode featuring audio from a webcast titled “The Art of Open Web Curation: Tools All Librarians Can Use” presented by Gary Price, Co-Founder and Editor, Library Journal’s infoDOCKET, Information Industry Analyst and Librarian; and Curtis Michelson, Founder and Principal, Minds Alert, LLC. 

In this webcast, Gary and Curtis share a variety of new “open web” resources as well as updates on some of the resources they shared in previous editions of this Charleston Conference session.  They provide a list of resources to demo on your own and share with colleagues. Gary systematizes the identification, distillation, sharing and archiving of these open resources that can be so valuable to students, professors, or communities of interest on the campus or beyond, while Curtis facilitates this fast-paced and fun session.   

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