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Against The Grain Journal

Charleston Library Conference 

May 29, 2017

Getting Technical Again with Stacey Marien and Alayne Mundt

In this episode we get to hear Katina Strauch’s weekly Rumors segment. Following Katina we hear three more articles from the series “Lets Get Technical” by ATG Column Editors Stacey Marien (Acquisitions Librarian, American University Library) and Alayne...

May 22, 2017

Reflections on the 2017 Fiesole Collection Development Retreat

This week, we’re talking with the group that’s the driving force behind the Fiesole Collection Development Retreats: Becky Lenzini, Michele Casalini, and our own Katina Strauch. David Worlock is also joining us to give his insights and take aways from...

May 15, 2017

Let’s Get Technical with Stacey Marien and Alayne Mundt

On today’s episode we cover a number of topics. First off is Katina Strauch with her weekly Rumors segment. Then we hear from Katina’s husband Bruce Strauch as he tells us a fascinating “Case of Note” story involving reality TV, violent street gangs and...

May 8, 2017

Interview with Gary Price

This week Leah Hinds takes over the host duties as we feature a discussion between Gary Price of infoDOCKET and our own Tom Gilson and Katina Strauch. The talk centers around the latest in open data resources and the library’s potential role in harvesting those resources and making them...

May 1, 2017

Jim O’Donnell - Libraries as Showcase, Showplace and Showroom

On today’s episode we talk with Jim O’Donnell about the ongoing renovations of the Hayden Library on the campus of Arizona State University, and their goal to make the library a showcase, showplace and showroom for ASU students. Jim also shares his...