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The audio supplement to "Against The Grain - Linking Publishers, Vendors and Librarians"

Against The Grain Journal

Charleston Library Conference


Mar 19, 2017

Big Data 2.0: Critical Roles for Libraries and Librarians

Big Data is a live issue in e-commerce and market intelligence, e-government and politics, national security, and smart healthcare; a key feature of digital scholarship and open science; and an emergent concern for education and the cultural heritage...

Mar 13, 2017

Nancy Maron Interview

On today’s show, we will hear from Nancy Maron, President and Founder of BlueSky to BluePrint, a strategic consulting firm helping publishers, librarians, and leaders of digital initiatives to develop sustainable business models. Website

Comments from today’s co-host:

You know, Bill...

Mar 6, 2017

Bill Hannay, Censorship and "Naked Lunch: The Musical"

Did you know that some of your favorite books and literature have been considered obscene? They may have even been banned from libraries and forbidden distribution. On today’s episode we hear from Bill Hannay about banned books, obscenity trials and...

Feb 27, 2017

Views from the Penthouse Suite Interview with Anja Smit

Anja Smit, Library Director, Ultrecht University, The Netherlands is interviewed by Erin Gallagher Director of Collection Services for the Eric V. Hauser Memorial Library at Reed College and Matthew Ismail, Director of Collection Development, Central Michigan...

Feb 20, 2017

Views from the Penthouse Suite Interview with Michael Levine-Clark

Against the Grain, the premier journal linking publishers, vendors, and librarians, is pleased to release a series of interviews titled "Views from the Penthouse Suite." These interviews are an annual occurrence at the Charleston Library Conference;...