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Against The Grain Journal

Charleston Library Conference 

Feb 14, 2023

Today we are featuring a conversation with Ivy Cavendish, the Founder of TooWrite, a tool designed to help scientists write up the results of their research (recently acquired by Springer-Nature), and Eugenie Regan, Vice President Research Solutions at Springer Nature. Ivy was a PhD student in Literature when she founded TooWrite in response to the struggles of her co-founder as he was writing his dissertation in computational biology. Ivy believed that the process of science writing was much more complicated and stressful than it needed to be and she created TooWrite specifically to help scientists write up the results of their research.

The TooWrite platform transforms scientific writing into a formula; instead of being akin to drafting an essay, TooWrite allows researchers to write in short, editor-supported bursts via self-composed questionnaires. The result is a writing process that is faster, healthier, and more accessible. Eugenie Regen explains why Springer-Nature acquired TooWrite and what they hope it can do for researchers. Too Write can be a transformative tool that levels the playing field for researchers around the world and helps provide more work-life balance.

Ivy and Eugenie are interviewed by Matthew Ismail, editor in chief of the Charleston Briefings and a Conference Director.

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