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Against The Grain Journal

Charleston Library Conference 

Oct 28, 2022

Ijad Madisch is described in Wikipedia as “a German virologist, founder and CEO of the research network ResearchGate and member of the Digital Council of the Cabinet of Germany.” As a scientist and entrepreneur, Ijad and his partners founded ResearchGate in 2008 with a handful of members and a “clear goal: to connect the world of science.” Since then, RG has become a giant presence in the scientific community, with 24 million members and a growing relationship with the major science publishers to syndicate their published output on the RG platform.

Ijad is joined today on ATG the Podcast by Matthew Ismail, Editor in Chief of the Charleston Briefings and a conference director at the Charleston Conference. Ijad and Matthew discuss the founding of ResearchGate, the growth of the company, and the challenges of online integration between researchers and the world of scholarly publishing on a grand scale. Please join us for this fascinating conversation with Ijad Madisch!

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