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Against The Grain Journal

Charleston Library Conference 

Sep 12, 2022

Join us for our latest podcast episode featuring a conversation between Nandita Quaderi, the Web of Science, and Matthew Ismail, Editor in Chief of the Charleston Briefings, and a Conference Director at the Charleston Conference.

Nandita Quaderi is Editor-in-Chief and Editorial VP, the Web of Science. In this podcast, Nandita and Matthew discuss Web of Science and the upcoming changes to how Clarivate will assign journal impact factors for scholarly publications. Nandita provides some helpful background explanations about impact factors and Web of Science for the non-specialist and tells us how Clarivate prefers impact factors to be used in the world of scholarly communication. Nandita then discusses Clarivate's upcoming plan to assign impact factors to the Emerging Sources Citation Index and the Arts and Humanities Citation Index and what this means for the impact factor in the near future.

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