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Against The Grain Journal

Charleston Library Conference 

Feb 28, 2022

Today's episode features a conversation with Emily Poznanski, Director of the Central European University Press. The interview was conducted by Matthew Ismail, Editor in Chief of the Charleston Briefings and Conference Director at the Charleston Conference.  Emily is currently based out of Vienna. Prior to her current position at the Central European University Press, she worked at a fully open access publisher in Warsaw, then served as Director of Strategy at De Gruyter in Berlin.

Emily and Matthew talk about the collapse of the Soviet Empire and the origins of Central European University and the Press, as well as how the character of the region has been shaped by recent history, the shift in mindset for both the university and the press when moving from Budapest to Vienna, the complex community of distinct cultures and traditions in Central Europe, and the mission of the Central European University Press to export to the rest of the world a body of knowledge about Central Europe that offers a pathway to properly understand that complex community.