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Against the Grain is your key to the latest news about libraries, publishers, book jobbers, and subscription agents. Our goal is to link publishers, vendors, and librarians by reporting on the issues, literature, and people that impact the world of books and journals.

Against The Grain Journal

Charleston Library Conference 

Aug 31, 2020

This week’s episode features an interview and conversation between Leah Hinds, Executive Director of the Charleston Conference; Tom Gilson, Associate Editor of Against the Grain, and Sami Benchekroun, Co-Founder and CEO of Morressier.

Sami has over ten years experience in academic conferences, scholarly publishing, and entrepreneurship. He drives Morressier's vision forward and is dedicated to bridging the gap between early-stage research and wider scholarly communications. Sami studied management at ESCP Europe. Morressier was founded in 2014 to build an online platform for conference content, including abstracts, posters, presentations, and proceedings. We’d like to thank Sami for participating in the interview, and we hope you enjoy our conversation.

Please note that we will take a 2 week break, so there will be no podcast episodes airing on Labor Day or the following Monday. We’ll be back on Monday, September 21, to start our fall season.

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