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Charleston Library Conference 

Apr 24, 2017

Legal Talk from Bruce Strauch and Bill Hannay

All of us at Against The Grain - The Podcast have been busy lining up great new content and interviews for future episodes. Due to scheduling issues and Leah Hind’s trip to France for a conference, we had a gap to fill in the podcast schedule. Fortunately two of our regular contributors to the Against The Grain journal, Bruce Strauch and Bill Hannay were able to step in and put together a quick conversation around banned books (specifically D. H. Lawrence’s “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”) and the resulting litigation that ensued.

Bruce Strauch, The Citadel, Professor of Business Law (Retired)
Bruce Strauch, J.D. is a Professor of Business Law and Director of the Citadel Mentors Program. He holds degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill and Oxford, is extensively published in the field of copyright and trademark, is the author of nine novels and the publisher of a trade journal of the scholarly publishing industry. His wife Katina is the founder of the Charleston Conference and Assistant Dean for Technical Services and Collection Development at the College of Charleston (SC) Libraries; his son is a U.S. Army major and his daughter a medical doctor.

Bill Hannay
Partner, Schiff, Hardin, LLP
William M. Hannay regularly represents corporations and individuals in civil and criminal matters, involving federal and state antitrust law and other trade regulation laws. He is an Adjunct Professor, teaching courses at IIT/Chicago-Kent law school in antitrust, intellectual property, and international business transactions, and is the author or editor of several books on antitrust and intellectual property law, including "The Corporate Counsel's Guide to Unfair Competition," soon to be published by Thomson Reuter's West Publishing. He is a frequent lecturer at The Charleston Conference.

Mr. Hannay is active in the American Bar Association and is currently Co-Chair of the Joint Editorial Board for International Law, which is co-sponsored by the Uniform Law Commission and the ABA. He served as an Assistant District Attorney in the New York District Attorney's Office and was a law clerk for Justice Tom Clark on the U.S. Supreme Court. He is a graduate of Yale College and Georgetown University Law Center.

We also have another weekly update from Katina Strauch from her rumors segment.

Katina’s Notes:

As you all might suspect it is getting HOT in Charleston! Air conditioning becomes essential and it’s time for flip flops and shorts and t-shirts. Speaking of t-shirts, I signed up for one from AAAS online to support science. I also noticed that Gale (and probably others) are into the t-shirt movement. Let’s pull out all our old Charleston Conference t-shirts!

We are gearing up for the 37th Charleston Conference – What’s Past Is Prologue. As you all know, the dates have been moved up slightly making many of you very happy! November Nov 6 – 7: Pre-conferences; November 7: Vendor Showcase, November 8 – 10: Main Conference.

Our keynote speakers are – Brewster Kahle Founder of the Internet Archive, the San Francisco–based nonprofit digital library with the stated mission of "universal access to all knowledge". Loretta Parham (CEO and Director of the Atlanta University Center). Loretta is the 2017 ACRL Academic/Research Librarian of the Year, and Georgios Papadopoulos, the founder and CEO of Atypon which recently sold to John Wiley. More speakers will be announced soon!

PS Did you see that Loretta Parham is on the cover of the April, 2017 College & Research Libraries!

The Charleston Conference Call for Papers was posted this week. Submit your proposal! Please!

Listen up! The innovator extraordinaire, Mark Sandler has won the 2017 Hugh Atkinson Award. Mark is the principal in Novel Solutions Consulting. He is indeed a leader of great vision with exceptional persuasive skills! Congratulations, Mark! Hip Hip Hooray! When I talked to Mark the other day, he and his wife were headed to Canada where they are planning to board a flight to Scotland!

Just got an email from Mark Herring, the Director of Libraries at Winthrop. For those of you who are looking for a position in libraries, Mark has a few good ones.

Head of Content Services and Library Development (

And Acquisitions and Collections Management Librarian (

These are now posted on the ATG Newschannel at:

”Naked Lunch: The Musical” will be performed at St. Sebastian Players Theatre in Chicago June1, 2, and 3. It features the likes of Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Norman Mailer who are portrayed by several of Bill’s Yale Class of 1966. Naked Lunch is about one of the last landmark decisions on obscenity in the 20th Century and was just featured on!

Just reading about the Houghton Library at 75, A Celebration of its Collection a new book by Heather Cole and John Overholt which is due to be released on my mother’s birthday May 8. Houghton Library ― the primary repository for Harvard University’s rare books, manuscripts, and much more ― celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2017. Houghton’s holdings span nearly the entire history of the written word, from papyrus to the laptop. This anniversary volume presents a snapshot of the unique items that fill the library’s shelves.

From miniature books composed by a teenage Charlotte Brontë to a massive medieval manuscript hymnbook; from the plays of Shakespeare to costume designs for Star Trek; and from the discoveries of Copernicus to the laptops of twenty-first century writers, the selections celebrate great achievements in many and diverse fields of human endeavor. I Hope to buy a copy!

Meanwhile, talk to y’all next time and happy summer!