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Against The Grain Journal

Charleston Library Conference 

Jan 8, 2017

Preservation of Digital Collections and Dark Archives

Long-term preservation of digital collections is a clear charter for libraries, but the path forward is often murky and daunting. Solutions vary due to collection composition, collection file structure, the technical expertise of the teams involved, and budget. Further, there are issues of stewardship, ownership and release of data in a usable form from dark archives. CLOCKSS, Portico and the Digital Preservation Network came together at Charleston in a panel presentation to share insights into what it takes for libraries to tackle the issue of long-term preservation. They discussed case studies and solutions that you can put to work. Come join us as we explore the dark side.

Greg Suprock
 - Head of Solutions Architecture, Apex CoVantage

Craig Van Dyck
 - Executive Director of the CLOCKSS Archive, since November 2015.

Previously with Wiley for 18 years as VP of Content Management; and with Springer New York for 10 years, most recently as Senior VP and COO. Craig served as Chairman of the Association of American Publishers Enabling Technologies Committee from 1995-1998, and was instrumental in the development of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) system and of CrossRef. He represented Wiley on the Boards of Directors of the International DOI Foundation, CLOCKSS, ORCID, CrossRef, and the Society for Scholarly Publishing, and was a member of the Portico Advisory Committee. 

Jabin White
 - Vice President, Portico (Ithaka/JSTOR)

Jabin is the Vice President of Content Management at ITHAKA, with responsibility for the production groups of JSTOR and Portico. He enjoys content management, markup languages and all of their related technologies, publishing workflows, and change management. You know, fun stuff like that.

David Pcolar
 - CTO, Digital Preservation Network

Dave is the Chief Technology Officer for the Digital Preservation Network and a Technical Manager at Internet2. He is responsible for defining technical strategy and development, and implementation of technical and operational services for DPN.

Michelle Paolillo
 - Digital Curation Services Lead, Cornell University

Michelle is Cornell University's Library's Lead for Digital Curation Services. She is invested in the practical logistics of digital preservation (harmonizing workflows, preservation storage, interoperability, systems design, etc.). She also has duties related to digital humanities, especially in support of computational analysis of text, so OCR quality and computational method are also part of her focus.