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Against The Grain Journal

Charleston Library Conference 

Jan 30, 2024

Audio from the 2023 Charleston Conference Leadership Interview Series. Erin Gallagher, Chair, Acquisitions and Collections Services of the University of Florida Libraries, and a Director of the Charleston Conference, interviews Lindsay Cronk, Dean of Libraries, Tulane University.

Lindsay was the first elected president of Core and co-founder of PeMento, a peer mentoring cohort for mid-career librarians. In this interview, Erin and Lindsay discuss Lindsay’s background and how she came into librarianship. They also talk about today’s MLIS programs and the most essential values and skills that these programs should be imparting to students. Lindsay feels that learning through listening and change management are important leadership values and how vital it is to set and keep consistency and regularity in routines to create a frame in which to thrive.  Lindsay tells us how she got involved with the Charleston Conference and what she looks forward to the most each year.

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