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Against The Grain Journal

Charleston Library Conference 

Mar 21, 2022

Audio from the 2021 Charleston Library Conference from the session titled "Using Data to Drive Decisions: Libraries, Publishers and the New Open” presented by Adam Der, License Manager, Max Planck Digital Library; Matthew Willmott, Open Access Collection Strategist, California Digital Library; Melissa Junior, Senior Director Journals, ASM; and Heather Staines, Senior Consultant, Delta Think and moderated by Meg White, Senior Director, Delta Think.  

Utilizing and disseminating open content is about more than just the license applied, it’s understanding where your organization fits in terms of trends over time, trends globally, and according to business or funding model. Gold, hybrid, public access/bronze, diamond, green, subscription content comprise the mixed model environment in which we find ourselves, and the models are becoming more--not less--complex. How can your library make spending or negotiating decisions that will best serve your researchers, from students to faculty? How can a society settle on a model for a new open access journal? How can underserved communities assess both their uptake and their output when it comes to open? Meet libraries and publishers using tools and data to find where they fit in the developing OA landscape so they can move forward confidently with keen insights.

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