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Against The Grain Journal

Charleston Library Conference 

Feb 7, 2022

This week's episode has audio from the 2021 Charleston Library Conference from the “Long Arm of the Law” session, presented by Kevin Smith, Dean of Libraries and Director of the University Press, University of Kansas and Lila Bailey, Policy Council for the Internet Archive, and moderated by Ann Okerson, Senior Advisor, CRL.  The Long Arm Panel focuses each year on serious legal topics for the information industry. 

Once again, the Long Arm of the Law session lights the Charleston Conference stage! In this year's presentation we will continue to inform the audience about the latest court cases and rulings that impact us in libraries and the information industry. As always, there are many new legal developments that will intrigue the Charleston audience.

Lila Bailey will offer insights about the AAP member-publishers copyright infringement suit against the Internet Archive.

Kevin Smith will speak about the intricacies of controversial new state legislation that requires publishers to license ebooks to public libraries on "reasonable terms."

Video of the presentation available at https: